It all began one snowy day at HutKay Fusions

Our inspiration to bring "home style" food to you came from a casual conversation with Dr. Mahaveer Swaroop Bhojani over a cup of hot ginger tea. 



Dr. Bhojani runs a restaurant in Ann Arbor heavily focused on food for healthy living and refuses to gain any profits that could easily be gained by selling things like a can of soda. He inspired us to bring healthy food to the community during summer festivals and events - festivals that are typically filled with fatty foods such as Elephant ears and Churros. PitStop Eatery brings you food that is focused on maintaining the health. For example, instead of the  Indian Samosas that are typically served deep fried, we bring you a healthier alternative by baking them. Instead of the heavy oil based Indian food you find in restaurants , we bring to you 'home style' food cooked with optimum quantity of vegetable oil and sometimes substituted by an alternative such as coconut oil. 


Maintaining taste with health as our top priority 

Chef Maggie